Celebrate your Kids’ achievements with GLO Mini Golf

Dazzle your kids with an unforgettable GLO Experience

Explore a mini-golf adventure in a whole new light, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Kids Playing Arcade Games - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA

Mini Golf, Exciting Adventures, Food, Drinks, and Parties – Everything Glows in the Dark

Gather the kids, switch on the smiles, and take a plunge into the fascinating world of glow-in-the-dark mini golf for your school events

Glo Mini Golf August Course - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA

It’s PAR-TEE time  for your students!

Honor roll, perfect attendance, graduation – the reasons for celebration are many! Whatever is yours, make your school party the biggest sensation in Riverside, California, this year With an out of this world mini golf experience.

  • No holds Barred Fun. The ultimate party universe

Mini golf, virtual reality, next GEN gaming room, and the best arcade in the Inland Empire.

  • The Ultimate Party Universe

An assortment of painted murals, illuminated holes, video games, snacks, cold drinks, milkshakes, and more, transport kids to a world of nonstop fun where they never get bored

Enjoy a whole new twist to your favorite game of miniature golf. Strategically placed glowing lights illuminate the holes, the obstacles, the turf, and an array of adventures designed for school kids of every skill level. Hop in and lose yourself in the exciting world of glowing mini golf.



Glo Mini Golf, a family-owned gaming venue, is the brainchild of a versatile team of innovative game designers with diverse experience in creating modern gaming setups. We combine modern technology with exciting game experiences to design thrilling adventures for the kids.

Mini Golf - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA

GLO Mini Golf

Our 27-hole mini-golf courses are set against the backdrop of the most breathtaking wonders of the world, including the Great Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, and more. Take your kids on a world golf tour right here in Riverside, CA.


Popular destinations, mini-golfing, and a surreal gaming ambiance – kids love us!


  • The IMAX-rivaling 3D mini-golfing experience
  • Visit all 18 wonders of the world
  • Leading-edge lighting systems 

Arcade Games

GLO Mini Golf’s jaw-dropping array of arcade games engages, excites, and enthralls players of all ages, skills, and tastes. Since the games are frequently rotated at our arcade, you’ll always find something new every time you visit.


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  • Varying difficulty level games
  • 30+ games from almost every genre
  • Exciting prizes for kids of all ages
Arcade Games - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA
Xbox Gaming - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA

Game room

We’ve built the ultimate gaming cave at GLO Mini Golf, and it’s the stuff of every professional gamer’s dreams. It’s just an Xbox, a mega-size TV, and your horde of pirates, soldiers, assassins, or whatever else you choose to be.


  • Private suite for up to 10 individuals
  • 48-inch TV, PS5, Xbox, 200+ games at 120fps, 1GHz LAN, and more
  • #1 rated pro gamer chair

Virtual Reality

Unleash the extreme gamer within you with the most immersive gaming experience ever created by VR gaming at GLO Mini Golf. Dive into your favorite fantasy worlds, get your adrenaline pumping, and fight for your survival in virtual reality.

  • Office simulator, beat saber, Arizona sunshine, boxing VR, & more
  • New games added every month
  • Entire arcade of VR games
Virtual Reality - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA

A Glowing Party Fueled by Your Fantastic Adventures

Treat your students to a riotous and fun-filled party full of raucous laughter, jubilant cheers, and a lifetime’s worth of memories. Go ahead, show them how you reward performance!

GLO Mini Golf – It’s Safe, It’s Fun, and It’s Absolutely Phenomenal

Reward your students’ perfect attendance, straight A report cards, sport achievements, and more with a celebratory party at Glo Mini Golf today. Redefine fun!

GLO Mini Golf

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