It’s ParTee Time for Little Leagues

Introducing GLO Mini Golf: Switch On the Fun!

Come, enjoy the most immersive, mysterious, and electrifying indoor gaming experience ever created!

Experience Golf in a Whole New Light, Literally!

Glow-in-the-dark lights, modern tech, food, drinks, parties – it’s mini-golf reimagined for the new generation

  • Untold Bounties and Unlimited Fun

Exciting prizes, thrilling adventures, and glow-in-the-dark mini golf experiences together create legendary team parties for sports stars in the making

  • Unforgettable Experiences for Teams

Enjoyable games and challenges, and invaluable team-bonding opportunities for the kids

A New Thrilling Adventure Awaits You at Glo Mini Golf

Glo Mini Golf is a family-owned and operated venue that hosts a variety of modern and innovative gaming experiences for people of all ages. For Little Leagues, we have designed specially tailored experiences that are fascinating, educational, and thrilling. Team parties, fundraisers, sponsorships – we do it all.


Our golfing experience is the most remarkable experience to ever land in IE. Golfing in the dark, with nothing but glow lights and your own skills to guide you, tests your grit, wits, and limits. Our crazy assortment of courses, gaming technology, and experiences will leave the kids happy and smiling from ear to ear. Don’t believe our word; check out our gallery and see for yourself!

Mini Golf - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA

GLO Mini Golf

27 holes, 18 wonders of the world, and everything is glowing in the dark. Go on a globetrotting adventure and visit everything from the Great Pyramids in Egypt to tulip farms in Holland. 


Can you conquer the wonders of the world?

  • 8-foot murals of global landmarks
  • An enchanting, IMAX-rivaling 3D experience
  • Ultra-realistic, fun, and exciting

Arcade Games

Arcade games are back! They are tougher, meaner, and crazier than ever. Challenge yourself with an array of games from diverse genres to suit your unique taste. With an assortment of difficulty levels available, level up at your own pace and conquer the leaderboard. Etch your name for everyone to see!


  • 30+ games available
  • Exciting prizes for all ages
  • New Games added and rotated frequently
Arcade Games - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA
Xbox Gaming - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA

Game room

Xbox, mega-sized television, and a private 10-person gaming suit – lose yourself in the most immersive gaming experience with your gang of Little League bandits. Forget time, forget the world outside. It’s just you, your friends, and your gaming cave that matters. Nothing else. It’s a world of champions!


  • 48-inch wall-mounted screen
  • #1 rated pro gamer chair
  • Single-player and multi-player games

Virtual Reality

Take a deep dive into a full-body gaming experience in your favorite fantasy worlds – zombie outbreaks, robot apocalypse, first-person shooters, or even the good ol’ boxing ring. Get your adrenaline rushing, heart pumping, and mind fighting for your survival. The stakes have never been higher! Play It, Feel It, Live It.


  • New games and experiences added each month
  • Built for the extreme gamers
  • Office simulator, beat saber, Arabizing sunshine, boxing VR, & more
Virtual Reality - Glo Mini Golf, Riverside, CA

Let Us Take Care of Everything Else

Enjoy your games, bond with your groups, and create lasting, unforgettable memories with each other. Whether it’s a team party, fundraiser, or a sponsorship opportunity, we’ll take care of everything else – food, drinks, games, and more.

Experience a Reality That’s Astonishingly Unreal

Modern Tech, Cool Vibes, Breathtaking Experiences, and Everything Glow-lit in the Dark

GLO Mini Golf

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